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Portfolio Assignment 5 March 15, 2009

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Mans Rosling’s talk at the TED conference was so cool.  The Baby Name Wizard that Professor Zacharski showed in class caught my attention. I have showed it to all my friends and typed in all of their names, which is fun. As noted in the assignment description, some visualizations are purely artistic, like this Antarctic Animation which looks cool, but I have no idea what data it is trying to analyze!

I found an interesting baseball visualization that analyzes spending and performance. Towards the end of the season in 2008, about a month before the World Series, the number one ranked team, the Angels was spending a fair amount for their performance. However, the Rays who were ranked third behind the Angels were spending considerably less than the Angels which counteracts the idea that the best teams spend the most. The good ole Washington Nats did terrible last season :( but also did not spend nearly as much as the Angels or other expensive teams like Boston and New York.

There are all kinds of visualizations listed on this blog by Meryl K. Evans.

I created a visualization on Many Eyes by uploading a dataset for the price of gas. It only goes to 2004 so I’d like to find a more recent version. This is my practice visualization: Price of Gas 1976-2004.

As a member of the UMW Women’s Soccer team, I am particularly proud of this visualization. I took all the team articles from the athletics website and combined them into one large document. I also added every member of the 2008 team. I uploaded it to Many Eyes and got a cool advertisement and summary of the 2008 season! UMW Women’s Soccer 2008 Review. It’s a work in progress, I plan on editing the dataset to remove words that refer to other teams or anything else that would take away from the season and team in general. Go Eagles!


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  1. […] Baseball Teams: Salary vs. Performance [Link: Lauren’s Blog] […]

  2. […] Baseball Teams: Salary vs. Performance [Link: Lauren's Blog] […]

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