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Portfolio Assignment 2 February 4, 2009

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I have had a very difficult time trying to get pydelicious to work. I’m using a Windows XP machine and have done multiple Google searches on “how to install pydelicious”. I find every entry confusing and not very helpful. I’ve even looked at blog entries from classmates and couldn’t follow their installations, whether a different operating system or not. I’m going to get together with a member of my team to work through it.

Weka Part 1

Although the sample dataset is included when Weka is downloaded, I wanted to go through the process of creating an ARFF file from Microsoft Excel. I created the weather dataset in Excel and saved it as a CSV file. Then I opened it in Notepad to add the ARFF file tags: @relation, @attribute and @data

Weka Part 2

After downloading the Cleveland Heart Disease dataset, I used the preprocess tab in the Weka Explorer to load the ARFF file. I ran the J48 decision tree from the classify tab and got this performance summary:

=== Summary ===

Correctly Classified Instances         235               77.5578 %

Incorrectly Classified Instances        68               22.4422 %

Kappa statistic                          0.5443

Mean absolute error                      0.1044

Root mean squared error                  0.2725

Relative absolute error                 52.0476 %

Root relative squared error             86.5075 %

Total Number of Instances              303     


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  1. ieatpillowtags Says:

    Yeah…lets do this.

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